...2015, another year
24th January 2015
Had no luck selling my art at any exhibitions in 2014.
Time wasted with a failed commission, a customer not paying full price for work as agreed in 2013.
It's been slow-going. I am however, doing the occasional painting and framing, every now and then.
As long as I enjoy what I do, I'll keep going I guess. I'll continue getting my ideas down on canvas.
What's happening in 2014?
06th August 2014

...well I've worked on more commissioned oil pieces this year.
I've also started exhibiting some work in a couple of galleries near my home city.
I hope to be creating some editions of various themes in the future.


...2013, another year
30th December 2012

2013, another year! ...What now? Keep going!?
Well I'm still working on new material. I have new ideas all the time, its just a matter of getting it down on canvas!

It has been slow-going, whist working full-time. I try to do what I can in my spare hours. Now that I've got this H-frame, I'd like to continue working on large-scale projects.

Painting with Oils? ...2013, time to start!

I now have a short video, 'Creating a Masterpiece'

New material
11th March 2012
2012, New projects on the horizon. I am currently working on new pieces. I'll be posting them on this site as I go.